Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quiet on the home front

Normally I have something to do, but having beat off the flu, and watching my father who is ill, has pretty much kept me inside working on my crafts. My father was diagnosed with having a cancerous spot on his kidney and will be treated August 26th, a day before his 72nd birthday. The family has suspected cancer for a good while since dad eats like a horse, but gains little to no weight. Mother even commented that she can see his hip bones when he undresses...yes, he is that skinny. Why does he have to wait so long before treatment? Well, I guess Doctors feel they all need to take summer vacation at the same bloody time and since I dislike doctors, we wont go into this rant any further.

But, with dad being ill, my outlook for life is gloom. However, my sister is 1,000 miles away down in Georgia with her own worries and since I am the strong man (physically) of the family here, I will stay and help and watch what happens.

Other than the above, I have started taking up ceramic craft painting. I did this way back in 1993 and enjoyed it, however, the stores have long disappeared and now I found out that this craft is also disappearing from the net. Not a good thing. So, while I sit inside on gloomy days, I paint and hope to sell my crafts come next year craft shows. At least I'll have some income trickling in.

Now then, the weather just plain sucks. Oh, the temps are ideal (mid 70's) for being outside...July is normally a hot, humid, dry month. But Wisconsin, especially central part is experiencing the worst drought in years. There has been little to no rain for 2 months straight. There was a shower this morning, but it added to nothing and the NOAA radio stated that if it warms up today, storms may come's sunny out now so I am hoping we get some nasty weather to drench the area and end this dry stuff.

I certainly do hope August is more eventful. Even my friends on-line, are off-line LOL :) Perhaps when kids go to school, I'll see more things to do :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 4th or is it?

Another month has passed us by and now we are looking towards July. It's suppose to be the hottest month for us Wisconsinites, but so far it's nice and moderate holding at middle 70's.

I am not one to celebrate holidays as they are over rated, and darn right expensive. Not to mention, holidays are no longer celebrated like that in the old days when people would dive into friendly neighborhood competitions, challenge each other for who has the best fireworks, or have the area kids do races or games. Now a days, it's how much can you spend on watching someone else do the work while you're sitting on your lazy ass and not taking into account why the holiday is important to begin with. The whole meaning of holidays are gone, replaced with high tech crap on performing the best light shows in the area, while also making a fast buck at the same time. Yes, I do not enjoy holidays and they have become just another day.

However, do not let my downing of the holiday spoil any of my viewers spirits. Just please be safe, don't be stupid and enjoy yourself at the same time. I wont like hearing someone has 3rd degree burns or worse, is dead from a good time gone wrong by foolishness.