Thursday, February 4, 2010

Modern Technology is an illness

Today my sister and brother in law are visiting. It hasn't been but a few hours since they arrived that my brother in law heads to the computer and installs a wireless router. A router, that may cost me extra on my bill, but of course this is of no concern to him since its not his computer. Anyways, my real beef comes from the technological bull crap that is taking this world by storm and becoming a pandemic of garbage.

An example with my beef is that I refuse to become a slave to technology. I refuse the right to be "hooked up" with communication tools that truly just make you lazy. I refuse the right to be like everyone else and to get with the program. I refuse the right to live in a high tech world controlled by machines.

My bro in law is all gaga by his "iphone" and urges me to get one. Bad idea since when he mentioned that, I struggled with the urge of tossing him through a window and since my sister views my blog, sorry sis, but I am not high tech and refuse to be.

A few nights ago, mother and father and myself discussed this crap of how everyone needs to flock to cell phones, computers and what not, and how the people of this world are spoiled to no end. My parents being elderly, never had any of these devices when they were growing up and guess what, they got along just fine associating with people and doing business. A week ago, NPR did a report on how children are growing up not learning how to write their own names, nor learning how to make mistakes because of the stupid "spell check" on computers. This of course teaches children how to be lazy and they grow up expecting to be handed everything on a silver platter. My God, what are these people, children and adult alike, going to do if they ever go without power for more than a few minutes? They will die of communication starvation.

Though I am just steaming full of hate towards technology and the idiots who think such things are a grand item, I can honestly say that this guy, myself, will not ever have another computer. When my desktop goes belly up, I will not burden myself with another bill, nor will I burden myself with having anything technologically enhanced in my 4 walls. For my way of living and my beliefs, I frankly do not need crap to make me lazy or dependent upon a machine.

Now some of you who are reading this may think "I bet he has a cell phone." You are correct. Do I use it? No. Why? Because it's only for traveling purposes and since I live in the middle of the country where there is no cell phone reception, it merely sits and collects dust in my drawer awaiting for a trip someone out of this area.

So, I can proudly say I am not a slave to modern technology and glad for it and wherever I move, some day, will be completely away from modern anything and I'll enjoy life in a lot simpler of ways and be dependent upon myself only. If I want to be lazy, I will choose to be such, but I sure the hell wont be taken by the illness of this plague of technology.