Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoughts of Alternative Methods of Power

For this week I have been letting my mind and thoughts escape to one day adding my own power and not relying on outside help from public service. There are a number of different sources available, but knowing what to go with wont be for a good while as I'm a researcher and will research and research until I cannot no more.

Sources available to a homeowner include solar and wind. Both are expensive in their own right but nothing is cheap anymore so I guess expense will always be of an issue. I have yet to weigh the options of pros and cons for each, but am thinking that living in the country, wind would be best, especially if cloudy days prohibit charging of the solar panels. The cheapest windmill I can find costs roughly $3950 and stands 19 feet high. The thing though with a windmill is that I don't want one of those high tech aerodynamic doo higgies that look like a plane engine. I want the rustic type that doesn't stick out like a neon sign in the woods. White against green would stick out as there are lots of fir trees here. However, the old wood and metal deals we often see in movies and pictures are of more interest and blend in fairly well.

The other issue that I like with the older types is that many thieves are attracted to flair and since my folks have had 2 attempted break ins on their property in less than 2 weeks time, well...I just don't want that kind of trouble on my turf and so want to keep the homestead and acreage as low key as possible.

One thing that both a windmill and/or solar can do, is provide water and electricity. However, I am thinking I will have to go with both because having all solar panels is pretty unattractive and sticks out like "oh there is someone who has cash" and that is just what I don't want to advertise to thieves. I also don't want to add to the already 4 solar panels planned for future installation. Now I'm just starting my research on solar power so this line of thinking will probably change in the coming years and if I find a special someone to share life with, I'm sure my thoughts and her thoughts will be quite different.

So, if anyone has suggestions or ideas on one or the other, don't be afraid to comment. I need ideas so my thoughts can move on to other things :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stormy Weekend

Well the rough weekend is over. Friday the 24th storms came through the area. Not much damage other than lots of trees down. One tree hit my parents pole barn and snapped in half, damaging part of the metal roof, but nothing a few hours with a pliers wont fix. In all my folks have about 17 trees that are snapped off or uprooted. Unfortunately though, we got so much rain that no one can take to the woods to cut up those downed trees.

Since living in the country, there has only been one time that tornadic winds did some major damage and that was about 11 years ago. All in all it was a nice storm system...if you like storms like me :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Trouble finds me always

Today I received in the mail notification from the Ohio Dept of Public Utilities Commission. What this is, was a notification that I owed $100 on some inspection fee, a fee that I never seen before let alone heard of since I have never traveled into the realm of Ohio. The name on the envelope reads Daniel B. Smith. I am Daniel L. Smith and from what I could find out, if an Inspection number is off by just one number, the wrong person is summoned. What is scary is that no one has my address, so how in the world did they get that?

Anyways, come Monday I have to make a copy of my drivers license and submit that to prove that Daniel B. does not live in Daniel L. about a load of B.S. Sometimes I wonder if the gov't is just out to prove you exist by dishing out faulty hoopla with a state logo.

Trouble finds me always, whether I am in bed, working in the yard, mowing my parents lawn, or sitting at the computer playing hearts. So when someone says "stay out of trouble", all I can say is "Yeah right!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Civil War chairs

These two chairs hold a great deal of pride in my family. Both are from the era of the American Civil War, both are still in prestige condition and never had any repairs. Everything is original down to the wood stain. One is a rocker, very comfy and the other a recliner, also comfy. I remember as a child going to sleep in my grandmothers arms while she rocked me in this very rocker. My grandfather use to smoke his cigars in the recliner, but to amazement, the recliner doesn't hold the smell of cigars at all, nor of the musty antique smell often found with original fabric.

I love furniture made of wood and cloth and the more it shows of both, the more pleased I am in appearances. Both of these will be included in my log home...someday and hopefully I can round up more furniture in the style of the "olden days". Until then, both will sit downstairs in my parents house for safe keeping.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food Plot Prep

Well I finally got photos of my food plot. Mind you the working stages do take a bit of time to get the ground broke up, especially when it was frozen! Going with the old stand by of doing work by hand tools only, the photos show what 3 hours will do. My tools are merely that of a hand cultivator that my grandfather used, an iron rake, a leaf rake, grub axe for taking out the ant hills and a little gizmo called "The Klaw" which is a fork that you just twist to bring out clumps of sod.

I started this project on Thursday (4/2/09) and still have a whole other half to do, but is temporarily covered by snow. I figure by the second week of May, I'll have the ground prepared and seeded with Chicory and Birdsfoot Trefoil. Both great for deer, turkey and other wildlife.

This week I will be purchasing the seed and the fertilizer ahead of time so I'll be completely ready for the planting and it will save me a trip to town. Plus then I can put all my effort into completing the seed bed without worry about the items I need.

Of course if someone wishes to suggest ideas into my little project, by all means go for it. This is the first time I've ever done a project like this and so am doing it all on a wing and a prayer.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Food plot and warm weather

Finally, it's the end of the week. Friday! However, my work is just beginning. I've spent the last two days working on a food plot for the wildlife here. Doing it all by hand and none of it by machine. Though it's a small plot of 1,375 sq ft., when using hand tools to break earth, it can become a very big job. I'll be taking photos come Sunday when I have it all done and get it posted. Then Monday I'll be buying birdsfoot trefoil which is a legume that grows for a good 10 years and that of Chicory, a herb that aids in protein and minerals for the deer and turkey. Planting will be half and half since I still have snow in the plot, thus have to work around the frozen turf the best I can.

I got some eggs from a good friend who lives in back of me and who I met on a homesteading forum. I never knew she lived so close, but she has a nice little layout on her farm. It's always amazing how small this world truly is and here I thought I lived in a dead area of wasteland.

The weather is also turning nicer and that means warmer cannot wait. I'm dreadfully tired of the white crap that lingers past the time of where it's 'suppose' to be melted. Eh, just means for a later planting season. Anyone who wants the snow to remain needs to be nailed with a snowball...I'll give them a "reason" to wish for warm weather ROFL. Hopefully though the rains of spring will hold off until I get some of that trefoil planted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.