Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The headache of the month

I never figured that a life for a simpleton would be so difficult. After all, isn't the word "simpleton" suppose to mean simple? Yesterday was a nightmare in a half since my elderly parents had a tiny teeny emergency and I was caught in the middle.

Mother went to town for pizza and a medical appointment. Anyways, when she picked up the pizza, her car died. So here was a little old lady of 72 stranded, calling for help via phone. So, I rushed to find my father who is 78 and here he was out in the woods cutting firewood. I told him what was going on and he hobbled, as he cannot run, to the house. Thinking that he was changing and such, I took care of his tools and parked the ATV in the pole shed. Then I ran to the house and guess what I found? My father, on the phone to the insurance company INSTEAD of getting on the road to pick up mother. Egads! He was more worried about the insurance than his own wife. Now before anyone gets all over me about the awws and such, father as he gets older, is not working on all cylinders. He use to be a very "on top of things" type of man, but you know, as you get older, something somewhere ends up going down hill and in his case it's his brain. This is why I stick close to home, taking care of matters as I know he cannot do it all anymore.

By the time he got to mother it was 3 hours. Let me tell you, even at 41 years of age, I don't want to tread on dangerous ground and be on the receiving end when a mother...any mother is P.Oed. That's like messing with Satan himself and just asking for an eternity in you know where.

Anyways, the car was towed to the dealership where it was discovered the battery died. Now this car of mothers is an odd one indeed for its battery is under the backseat and is 2 feet long by 1 foot wide and there is no way one can jump it as you have to remove the backseat cushions, then a panel...can't anything be simple? Gone are the days when the battery, a simple little square blox that could be removed by the owner, could be charged and then placed back in within a matter of minutes.

Needless to say father lived up to his nickname of "son of a bitch" which mother USED to call him when he was younger. I have a nickname too, but I wont mention it here since I live up to it near daily LOL!!!

Today all is well on the home front. I guess the parents are getting along, though I am not quizzing either of them. As to future episodes, I am giving my parents my cell phone so they have some means of communication in the vehicle if something goes amiss again. I have never liked the idea of someone being stranded and having been such a few times in my life, it is not a fun experience.