Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Vs. Tradtional Christmas

I know I haven't been here lately and my updating truly sucks. However, with all of life, it tends to toss a few things your way that turn into time consuming projects that make on-line time limited. Hopefully with the coming new year these life buggers will leave me alone so I can keep you all updated on homesteading.

Now then, it is that time of year again when the kiddies get all excited and people flock to the stores to BUY presents that supposedly are from the heart. Long ago Christmas was celebrated by families getting together and giving one present each. These presents were something that a person needed, not wanted. It was given from children, from parents, from wives and husbands, sisters and brothers. Each person gave one item, if that. If they didn't have the money to buy, they made it.

Now a days people flock to stores, fight over items, argue all because they don't want to let down a child or family member. It disgusts me that society, the very core of what it preaches on good morals and family upbringing and righteousness, brainwash people into buying, into fighting over things they just don't need, but what people want.

Do I get into Christmas? Not in the way society wants you to. I celebrate it alone for the most part, with my family and don't flock to stores at the last minute. Frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead in stores during this time. When I shop, it's during the summer and what I buy is what people need, not want. I don't buy anything over the price of $30.00 and almost always buy on sale. Do I care if I disappoint someone during the holidays? Heck no. Why? The holidays are about giving, but it's also about love. If someone is disappointed, then there is no love...correct? Then its about selfishness and that by no mean is what Christmas is about.

All these kids who need their toys, their electronics just to fit in, have no idea of the true meaning of Christmas. All these adults who get tools and expensive gear never at any time say to themselves "gee, this must have cost a fortune, I cannot accept it." Why? Because they don't care, plain and simple. At Christmas time it's all about a person, not about anything from the heart, nor about love and this is why I am against Christmas due to what SOCIETY (I hate that word) teaches a person from child years to adult.

So, take this to mind when you buy something...is it something a person NEEDS or is it a WANT? If it's a need, then its a good buy and if you can't afford something, then make something as that item will be cherished more than if you buy something with a warranty.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look out, rant...Damn Game Wardens

Look out, I'm on the warpath again. This time its with morons who hide behind a badge and proclaim to be helping the state wildlife.

This weekend was the start of the Wisconsin Gun Deer season. Saturday started off nicely, until around 8:30am, one could hear a good dozen hound dogs sounding off. Here some stupid a** hunter decided to hunt with hounds, than actually do the work of walking through and finding a nice spot to sit and wait for deer to come to him. "great", I thought as the day was going to turn into a sheer nightmare. Having had problems with trespassers last year, I figured things would really get out of hand. But, surprisingly the day went well with no gun shots.

Sunday, today, my neighbor comes to me saying he just got a huge fine from a Game Warden because he had antlers from a buck he and I found Saturday afternoon, hanging from his deer stand. Apparently he was suppose to tag the antlers, even though he never traditionally killed the buck. WTF? Since when must you tag antlers off a buck that is found dead, even though you never shot it? Does this mean that I, as a land owner, cannot take antlers off a dead buck which I have found because it violates some stupid hidden law that should be made aware to the public through the regulations in the first place? Good grief, where was this knucklehead yesterday when the hounds were running rampant? Probably sipping on some coffee "pretending" to actually work.

What is surprising about all this is that there has never been any DNR official on my land in 21 years and he just now shows up! I don't have a problem with a LE doing his job, but come on, $327 fine for untagged antlers is bogus big time and people wonder why I cannot stand the midwest.

The times are to a point where a mans land means nothing, isn't respected at all and is taken advantage of to fill the states pockets. I do have no trespassing signs out for a reason and I understand DNR officals have the right to come onto the land, but geez, respect the mans land and let him do what he wants on it without fining people. What is the sense of having land if the landowner isn't allowed to collect antlers (by the way, my friend is a true friend who had permission to hunt on my acreage), or do what he wants with it, without having to violate some stupid ass, bogus crapped law that isn't even in the regulations? I am a homesteader. I believe that what is mine is mine and people should leave it the hell alone...game official or not!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Barbed wire fence

Well, the time has come to finally get trespassers off my land. So, my huge project for the next few weeks and all of next year is putting up a 1,300 + feet of barbed wire fence just on the south side of the property. Seeing that I have 40 acres to cover, each side is 1,300 + feet, so this means a huge project for one purpose...keeping the low life's who don't have guts enough to ask for permission to hunt, off the damn land. I rarely get irked, but those who don't belong really irk me to no end. At least have the common decency to ask, but don't tread on where your life is put into my hands because I will not be the one or the type to show mercy. The local sheriffs patrol has 4 files of trespassers on record, so really, its in the books and therefore that is all that is needed really. Since they are 2 hours away, I guess I will serve justice until they arrive.

Anyways, I hope to have the south side done by November 21st since this is the start of the gun deer season. I'll be adding more to this in the coming weeks and definitely take photos once one side is done.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Power : Solar or Wind?

I have often been asked what I want to use for power, solar or wind? Many people want to use solar, to harness the sun and reap all that it has to offer. However, most simple minded folks cannot afford solar panels and for some who are not mechanically inclined, that means paying someone to install and in turn this would mean that your privacy issue would go right out the window since someone outside your family, would know your location. Not a wise move.

My reasoning for not using solar comes down to a few issues. First, what happens if there is no sun? In the winter months of Wisconsin, the sky is dark and dreary. Rarely does the sun shine like it does in the winter. If you rely on solar power to feed your home, you'll be in the dark more than in light. Another issue is that plastering solar panels on your roof cast a shine when the sun and moon hit, giving away your home. The last thing I want is to advertise "here I am, come find me!" Another issue is that solar panels attract burglars because anyone who has panels, has cash and other goodies and so you and your house become a target. Again, not something I want. Then there is the case of what happens if one or more panels break from a storm? The price to repair these panels costs a fortune. Since I am not one to waste my cash, I'll stick to a cheaper method of power...wind.

Wind power is wonderful. If you think back to the 1800's and beyond, you will remember seeing or hearing of old windmills generating water. This same method can energize your home without affecting your location. It is also cheaper to build a windmill than it is to invest in solar panels and one windmill can do multiple things like generate power, and water. These devices also don't make you or your home a target as it mimics a farm and are easily repairable if storm damage occurs. Wind blows all the time in the country. From the lightest of gusts to long, drawn out wind blowing in across the fields. Wind also blows at night, therefore giving you 24/7 power. Connect the wind to a generator and you have the perfect setup for off-grid power. Of course you can also connect a solar panel for your hot water heater, but these types of panels don't draw attention, nor cost a heap of cash. AND windmills can be built by anyone and you don't have to call anyone to do it for you. Of course, digging a well and such is hard work, but that is what a homesteader does...work and a little sweat goes a long way in comfort when a project is done.

So, I hope I have covered all the bases as to why I dislike solar power and why wind power is the way to go.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stocked for winter

Awhile back I took some photos of the wood bin when it was empty. As you can tell in the updated photos, I am stocked big time for the coming cold temps and white stuff that will bombard this area non-stop until after Christmas. Then in January will be the coldest time of the winter season and this follows the snow month in March. The wood bin, now full, will have to be replenished at least one more time before January, but it depends on how the weather is. If it's a warm winter, I will burn less, and if it's cold...yeah I will be like a steam engine chugging out smoke like mad. The thing is, each year the weather is different. Each year is a guessing game and so this makes it difficult to even say for sure how many times I'll be heading to the woodpiles for more fuel.

Autumn peak is here

It is that time of year, when the leaves come out and leave a mess on the ground. I couldn't believe how many leaves were on the ground yesterday 10/11/09. In some places it was ankle deep and it took almost a good 11 hours to clean up. As you can tell from the photos, there are a number of piles seen in the background. The parents do everything the hard way and as one can imagine, that means everything takes longer than initially planned. I tend to be more simple in my approach, where as they tend to be more complicated and you know they and I never see eye to eye on things due to our different dispositions. Anyways, you can tell by the photos how fast climate can change in just a days time. Yesterday it was beautiful, sunny and today it is completely yucky. Though yesterday was a major pain in the you know what, it was well worth it in preparation for the snow today. Where my parents are, they are in a group of trees that have brilliant yellow leaves which are almost all white oak with a little mixture of basswood, elm, and maple.

Snowing in October?

Egads, just what I don't want to see this early in the Autumn season...snow! Wisconsin is expected to see 1-3 inches of the white stuff by Tuesday morning. I guess this is a just a warning of what is to come at the end of November which is usually our start to winter. The last time it snowed in October was October 17th 1909 and most of the state had 2-4 inches. Good thing that tomorrow it will melt, though snow showers are expected throughout the week. As you can tell by the photos, it's pretty heavy to cover the ground. I'm certainly happy that I wont be driving in this stuff as I am sure idiots will forget how to drive and be sliding all over the place. I dislike staying indoors as with this white crap, I have no choice. It's a good thing I helped the parents rake leaves yesterday...more on that shortly.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Update on my father

As some of my friends have learned, August was a time of testing. My father was diagnosed with kidney cancer and ended up in the hospital in the last part of the month. The ER (emergency room) doctors first discovered him to have congestive heart failure due to fluid collecting around his heart and lungs. During his admission for a good week, it was learned that dad had cancer. The cancerous tumor is about the size of a dime and it sits near the exit for the urine. This cancer then turns his urine into crystal in the urethra and so prevents excessive urine outflow. While he was in hospital, my family almost lost him. He is now how though, still recovering and since he is 78 years old, surgery wont work. Of course, you may be thinking he is young and he is, but he is not physically strong and more fragile than anything else. So his doctor has limited any surgery for a possible cure.

Come October 7th, father will have another ultra sound to see if the cancer has grown. Until then, he is unable to do anything really. He takes his medication, must be weighed twice a day, blood pressure taken twice a day and if his weight drops below 115lbs (he is 118 lbs at the moment and was 121 lbs when he went to hospital), he is back to hospital and possibly admittance.

Many of my friends ask how he is doing. Well, he is not really getting better, but he isn't getting worse either. The family fully knows that he may possibly die from this, but it's not a supper time discussion. We take one day at a time and leave it at that. What becomes of a good day, means he will have a bad day, but what is most important, is that he isn't in any pain.

I'll continue to keep you all posted if there is any change and I thank you deeply for your concerns and thoughts.

The not so political/govt views of a simpleton

It's not often that I bring up the word “politics.” It is the most dreaded word that I hate the most to use. However, for this entry, I'll be talking about this terrible subject. Why? Why would a simpleton, a recluse, want to discuss anything criminally motivated by politicians who, in all reality, are nothing more than criminals in suits? Well, I feel what I need to say needs to be said so all who read my blog know who they are dealing with.

Of course, everyone has their own view points, their own understanding of things so I am by no means stating that my views are written in stone. I am merely writing down what I see and have seen in the past.

I am a man who believes in the original Constitution of the United States. The very original document created on September 17, 1787 and ratified June 21, 1788. Since then, these criminals in suits have altered this document to fit their own needs and it is this new document that I do not uphold at any time. With all the new laws being made, with all the new amendments, the creation of b.s., that only helps those in office, is just amazing that the oncoming war isn't here yet. It is because of these criminals that I will never vote for anyone. Why? In my eyes, if you exercise your vote to support a criminal, you yourself are just as much a criminal. Thus, no different than those in office. But, there is a catch-22 here because many people don't know the original document. They go through life believing what the govt tells them, because after all, the govt is suppose to help and protect the citizens of this country. Time and time again however, it has been proven that the govt doesn't care about the souls of this country. What the govt cares about is power and nothing more.

Power comes in many forms, though most of it comes through spreading fear. The govt has spread this fear throughout the world really. Torturing POW's, building a war based on oil while feeding the civilians lies, even the world trade tower was part of the governments doing...how so? The American people were told that airliners fuel burned so hot that the steel buckled. However, airline fuel burns at 900 degrees Fahrenheit and steel buckles at 2,850 degrees Fahrenheit...see the issue? Plus, bombs were definitely used on those planes, as there is a timed interval between the impact of the plane and the explosion that followed.

As to the war in Iraq...it's not about terrorism, but about oil. The U.S., is only over there to keep the Iraqi's from having the oil that Israel wants. But the govt rebukes this theory because the govt is always right and the American people are always wrong. There was a time where this govt listened to the people, heeded the people and understood the people. That no longer exists. Look at Katrina...look at what the govt did to the American people there. They didn't act before the storm, and they still are not acting after the storm 4 years later. Trailers that were given to house those left homeless were laced with formaldehyde...formaldehyde is not a cleaner, but yet the walls were scrubbed down and made people sick. If the politicians and govt truly cared about the people, they would take care of their own first. Look at the men and women spilling their blood so I can be free. But look at what the govt is doing to our servicemen and women...nothing. Troops have poor medical care, have limited finance and are dropping off the face of the earth via suicide because the govt wont listen or help. The govt wont take care of you if something happens.

In Afghanistan, that is the war on terrorism and we should have been there first and foremost. The stupidity of the govt let bin laden slip away as usual so he can fight another day. But, American politicians do have a hand in with laden and so nothing will come of him because without bin laden, there is no power and we all know that power is the root to all evil as our govt tells those who see beyond the veil of b.s.

As to the torture, it is rather interesting. I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio a week ago and there was a Colonel of the Army talking trash saying that the Military doesn't use torture. I find it funny because here is a man of decent rank who insists his beloved country has never changed its tactics. He went on to say that water boarding isn't torture. I wonder though, how he would feel about it if he had it done to him. Would he call it torture then? He also went on to say that if someone dies from this treatment, it is not murder. Water boarding has been stated in the past as being torture throughout war in many countries, not just with the United States, but yet this beloved country doesn't torture. If this wasn't torture, then why was water boarding mentioned in the first place?

Can you rely on the govt? No! I rely on no one because frankly no one will help you. If a tornado goes through my neighborhood, it will be neighbors helping neighbors and the govt will turn a blind eye because they don't care about their own people. It is a proven fact shown countless of times amid storms, fires. We give international support to other countries who need help, but yet, we (the govt) wont take care of their own people first. In the govt eyes, they want to be involved in everything. From the taking of firearms to health care, to education and more and more of the U.S., is becoming a police (govt controlled) enforced country that the American people have no control over.

All too often I have seen reports on the net, in newspapers, on radios where people are so scared to solve their own jibberish problems, they call the police, the babysitters, to solve the problems for them. People are going to jail over food fights, to domestic disturbances that can be solved by 2 people sitting down and talking using common sense. But it is so much easier to just let the police sort it out. With the power of the govt, comes the fear induced upon the people...a fear that prevents people from being their own person. One cannot even spit without going to jail or getting a ticket and each state has now (with the kindness of the govt) a state database that tracks a person to death. One can see speeding tickets, traffic warnings, to full felonies...but what I find stupidly funny is that the pedophiles are out running rampant while those who shouldn't be in jail are locked up awaiting bull shit charges that shouldn't have been a cause for jail in the first place. And people wonder why I detest society?

I could go on and on and on with all this, but I think the reader can get a sense of my thoughts and ideas on this particular subject. Again, my view points are not written in stone, but are viewed from a high degree of education, awareness and common sense. I am totally anti-stupid and unfortunately, the govt wants you to be stupid so it can control you even more. Am I however one of these freedom fighters? No. Am I one of these survivalists? No. I am anti-govt and a preparer who believes in fighting for what is right for the people and that my friends is the right that made men free in the first place. Standing up for your beliefs. Perhaps I am just an old timer who believes in a way that no longer exists. But I am one who truly believes in something that should always exist...true freedom, not governmental controlled freedom through fear and lies. I will fight when the fight comes my way, but I wont go out looking for it because then, I will have lost the fight from the start.

Wood for the winter...sort of

Well it is that time again. The snow is going to be falling in a few months and that means firewood season has begun. This holiday weekend I spent Friday - Sunday making kindling. As you can see in the photos, I have almost the whole bin done. Hopefully tomorrow (Tuesday 8th) I'll have the bin done so I can start on splitting and hauling in the firewood. The kindling hamper is 8 feet long by 2'1" high by 2' wide. As to the wood room, it can hold up to 8 cords if tightly packed and that means most of the wood is between the rafters of the floor above. So that insulation that you see is not visible at all when the wood is there.

It's been some time

since I was last here. So much has been happening with the folks that I had to take a leave of absence and concentrate on them. I'll update this with a separate post since it's a lot of content in itself. However, I have some new entries that I'll be posting here shortly and over the coarse of this week. Unfortunately, many will feel the data is one sided, perhaps even radical, but I assure you that my views are just that, views and nothing more.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The headache of the month

I never figured that a life for a simpleton would be so difficult. After all, isn't the word "simpleton" suppose to mean simple? Yesterday was a nightmare in a half since my elderly parents had a tiny teeny emergency and I was caught in the middle.

Mother went to town for pizza and a medical appointment. Anyways, when she picked up the pizza, her car died. So here was a little old lady of 72 stranded, calling for help via phone. So, I rushed to find my father who is 78 and here he was out in the woods cutting firewood. I told him what was going on and he hobbled, as he cannot run, to the house. Thinking that he was changing and such, I took care of his tools and parked the ATV in the pole shed. Then I ran to the house and guess what I found? My father, on the phone to the insurance company INSTEAD of getting on the road to pick up mother. Egads! He was more worried about the insurance than his own wife. Now before anyone gets all over me about the awws and such, father as he gets older, is not working on all cylinders. He use to be a very "on top of things" type of man, but you know, as you get older, something somewhere ends up going down hill and in his case it's his brain. This is why I stick close to home, taking care of matters as I know he cannot do it all anymore.

By the time he got to mother it was 3 hours. Let me tell you, even at 41 years of age, I don't want to tread on dangerous ground and be on the receiving end when a mother...any mother is P.Oed. That's like messing with Satan himself and just asking for an eternity in you know where.

Anyways, the car was towed to the dealership where it was discovered the battery died. Now this car of mothers is an odd one indeed for its battery is under the backseat and is 2 feet long by 1 foot wide and there is no way one can jump it as you have to remove the backseat cushions, then a panel...can't anything be simple? Gone are the days when the battery, a simple little square blox that could be removed by the owner, could be charged and then placed back in within a matter of minutes.

Needless to say father lived up to his nickname of "son of a bitch" which mother USED to call him when he was younger. I have a nickname too, but I wont mention it here since I live up to it near daily LOL!!!

Today all is well on the home front. I guess the parents are getting along, though I am not quizzing either of them. As to future episodes, I am giving my parents my cell phone so they have some means of communication in the vehicle if something goes amiss again. I have never liked the idea of someone being stranded and having been such a few times in my life, it is not a fun experience.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quiet on the home front

Normally I have something to do, but having beat off the flu, and watching my father who is ill, has pretty much kept me inside working on my crafts. My father was diagnosed with having a cancerous spot on his kidney and will be treated August 26th, a day before his 72nd birthday. The family has suspected cancer for a good while since dad eats like a horse, but gains little to no weight. Mother even commented that she can see his hip bones when he undresses...yes, he is that skinny. Why does he have to wait so long before treatment? Well, I guess Doctors feel they all need to take summer vacation at the same bloody time and since I dislike doctors, we wont go into this rant any further.

But, with dad being ill, my outlook for life is gloom. However, my sister is 1,000 miles away down in Georgia with her own worries and since I am the strong man (physically) of the family here, I will stay and help and watch what happens.

Other than the above, I have started taking up ceramic craft painting. I did this way back in 1993 and enjoyed it, however, the stores have long disappeared and now I found out that this craft is also disappearing from the net. Not a good thing. So, while I sit inside on gloomy days, I paint and hope to sell my crafts come next year craft shows. At least I'll have some income trickling in.

Now then, the weather just plain sucks. Oh, the temps are ideal (mid 70's) for being outside...July is normally a hot, humid, dry month. But Wisconsin, especially central part is experiencing the worst drought in years. There has been little to no rain for 2 months straight. There was a shower this morning, but it added to nothing and the NOAA radio stated that if it warms up today, storms may come tonight...it's sunny out now so I am hoping we get some nasty weather to drench the area and end this dry stuff.

I certainly do hope August is more eventful. Even my friends on-line, are off-line LOL :) Perhaps when kids go to school, I'll see more things to do :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 4th or is it?

Another month has passed us by and now we are looking towards July. It's suppose to be the hottest month for us Wisconsinites, but so far it's nice and moderate holding at middle 70's.

I am not one to celebrate holidays as they are over rated, and darn right expensive. Not to mention, holidays are no longer celebrated like that in the old days when people would dive into friendly neighborhood competitions, challenge each other for who has the best fireworks, or have the area kids do races or games. Now a days, it's how much can you spend on watching someone else do the work while you're sitting on your lazy ass and not taking into account why the holiday is important to begin with. The whole meaning of holidays are gone, replaced with high tech crap on performing the best light shows in the area, while also making a fast buck at the same time. Yes, I do not enjoy holidays and they have become just another day.

However, do not let my downing of the holiday spoil any of my viewers spirits. Just please be safe, don't be stupid and enjoy yourself at the same time. I wont like hearing someone has 3rd degree burns or worse, is dead from a good time gone wrong by foolishness.

Friday, June 26, 2009

News Flash....couples no longer can have a food fight

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – Authorities said a couple got into a fight using Cheetos. The Bedford County Sheriff's Department said a 40-year-old man and 44-year-old woman became involved in a 'verbal altercation.' Somehow, the orange puffy snacks were used in the assault.

Deputies said they were charged with domestic assault. No one was hurt.

According to the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, both posted bond of $2,500.

I saw this news article on Yahoo News. Frankly I am not surprised as the United States is becoming a police state more and more. A couple months ago an area high school had a food fight and the kids were handcuffed and taken to jail for destruction of property. It's unbelievable how society works these days and these restrictions only will get worse. It's bad enough that nosy neighbors feel they must save the day and feel important, thus call the police, or when school officials must summon a more authoritative figure when a simple punishment of cleaning up a cafeteria would work just fine. Is it no wonder why I cannot stand anyone in society who feels they have to be superior to the people behaving badly? Chances are, these "snitches" are kinky and have more dark secrets than those they are reporting.

It will be interesting to see this world become populated by saints, as it's clearly what society wants...everyone to get along, no arguments, no fun, no games, no laughter, no nothing. Yes, I can see it now..."Welcome to the United States, the most well behaved country in the world"....perhaps someone should then throw in 'boring' too as that is what it will surely become if society keeps up their damn nosy snitching in other peoples business. It's bad enough that children aren't allowed to be children...whats next? Come on, someone from society please tell me. Oh that's right, idiots in society wouldn't lower themselves to read a blog such as this as they would just rather report adults throwing cheetos at each other and of course, that is much more grown up than reading a blog that insults mindless, stupid, stooges from sainthood.

Are peoples lives this boring that they feel they must muzzle into someone else's affairs just to add excitement to their own lives? Apparently, and if that is the case, then they lead a very sad life indeed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shed from Hell

Okay, this was a project that my parents needed help with. Come Monday the 15th, I was asked to assist my father in constructing this shed. Well, it turned out that my elderly father, in his so loved way of asking for help, really had no bloody clue how to put it together. This left me wide open and I did the whole thing and the folks were the extra "hold that there", "can you hand me the f****** flashlight?" and so forth.

What made this project hellish, is that it was assembled in where else, China and the ever so smart Chinese FORGOT a whole blipping lot of screws, brackets and of course, not one part measured up correctly. Screw holes were off set, wall panels didn't fit the slots on the floor and talk about a headache. The instructions stated "Simple to build, 2 day construction"...right! It took me 4 days!!! Stupid Chinese and Stupid Americans who employ the Chinese...can you tell I totally am at wits end with the project?

Now I didn't mind the project at all since mom and I, in our way of not getting along, got along pretty well. S she was a trooper while I swore up and down and when parts didn't fit, got the heck out of my way so when I got mad, I MADE parts fit LOL!!! Ah yes, the joys of doing things the Smith way :)

But, as you can tell from the photo (never mind the idiot in blue) the project came together nicely. However, considering it's all plastic, it will take one match to melt an access door for any burglar and one can literally pop the lock off with a screw driver to gain access. But I really cannot complain all too much since the darn thing wont ever rust and there is a wonderful warranty of lifetime involved, but I doubt that will do any good since the company went belly up...but what you gonna do when you're dealing with plastic?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Looking out my back door

Tonight while relaxing, I was watching this doe as it laid down just outside my door near a salt block. When I went to retrieve the camera, she had gotten up and grazed over about 20 feet from the back door. This doe is an interesting girl as she is missing a hoof on her right front, but she handles herself well like she is walking on all 4's. I was considering taking this ole girl out come deer season, but I think I may not have to as apparently she doesn't see herself handicapped, nor hampered. But she does not run when she needs to, instead she hunkers down low and waits for danger to pass. As time goes on, my decision to take her down will rely on a few things such as the winter months and this may play a key roll in her becoming jerky.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been nearly 4 days since I've been able to get out into the woods due to rain. I thought it be good to police the 40 acres and just see how many trees have been downed, and how much mud I'll have to contend with on the logging roads. I decided to head through the pines and first check on my mineral block which is located near my food plot, but also in the pines protected from the weather. I got about 180 feet or so from the house and saw these white bulbs sticking up through the ground. Here I thought it was mushrooms, but decided to check it out anyways. To my surprise, this is the first time I have ever come across a wild turkey nest with eggs!!! I ran back to the house and zapped the photo and later learned that turkeys don't cover their eggs during the inoculation period. It will take 26 days for this to happen, though I have no idea how long these particular eggs have been exposed. I would think a predator like a coon would destroy them, but have not found anything detailing this on-line. So, anyone who is a turkey pro, tell me what you know about the hen leaving the eggs like this.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

CUCV or Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle

As I had mentioned earlier, I hate cars, but love trucks. I feel for country use, for any practical means that require hauling something, even a jack, a pick up is a nice means of utility. I've always loved the United States military trucks. Basically a civilian pickup built heavy duty to handle a morbid of things, including rough handling. I'm not one of these fellas who likes teal colored trucks with shiny chrome bumpers that require washing every weekend to look nice and appealing. Frankly, to me a truck is built to be run into the ground until you cannot drive it anymore. Unfortunately though, tough trucks that are still made of steel are hard to find. But, the military CUCV has a lot going for it that makes it often over looked. For instance, it's all American with parts made in the states. It's a diesel for the most part, thus very reliable and can even be submerged deeper than say fuel injected. Too bad though that most folks want to buy something within 5 years old and well, the CUCV trucks are from the 80's. Most see them as fixer up trucks, ugly, gas hogs, not worth even a look....exactly what I want.

I love how these trucks don't say "Steal Me!" but instead say "yes, I'm ugly, move on"...the paint on these trucks are also rust proof. One doesn't need wax to keep it looking good. One doesn't have to worry about scratches...just spray with krylon and you're good to go. I don't care much for camouflage clad vehicles, but if I was to get one, it would be in Olive Drab or Tan/Sand color. Of course I'd fix it up a little, but nothing more than $300...mainly on tires and then attach either fog or driving lights. The idea is to keep it stock, while also upgrading it so it performs better on road.

But what is the cost of these vehicles? Depends. If you want a full restored version, you're looking at around $10,000 depending on where you buy it from. If you buy one that is in working order, but needs repairs, one can buy for around $5000. If you want to go cheaper, then I could buy one for close to $2000 but I'd prefer getting one in good shape and drivable from the dealer.

So where do you find such trucks? Sometimes answering this is difficult because there are not many dealers that work with these unique machines. One has to do a lot of searching both on-line and off. Some links that I have found, and one that was given to me (thanks Ray) are the best places to start, including that of a forum called "Steel Soldiers" which deals with all military vehicles.



There are also different models. For instance, M1008 is a pickup and the M1009 is a blazer, however, the model M1010 is an ambulance which I think would make a dandy camper if you had the known how on creating such things from scratch.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I HATE cars!!! Read at your own discretion

Can I be any more clear in my title? I would give anything if I could have a mule and wagon over a car. What brought this on all of sudden? Well, I picked up a nail somewhere and my Lumina had a flat tire this morning. A day all planned on doing things in town has turned into a bloody nightmare from hell. Why was it so bad? Let me just say that I'd have more fun playing with the hounds of the Baskerville than messing around with the mechanical crap that comes with changing a blooming tire. As I stated to a friend of mine earlier, the automakers in their dire attempt to make a beautiful car into a wonderfully working machine frankly need to be placed in a straight jacket and locked up in a rubber room for the rest of their natural lives. One would think that stowing a jack is easier...wrong! It took me 2 bloody fricken hours just to figure out how to stow the stupid thing and then the manual, oh the lovely manual that is actually in English, has a picture of how the jack is suppose to be stowed. Oh goody, I thought this will be easier...wrong again! The idiot, jack in the box, yahoo, who took the photo had it BACKWARDS as to how it's suppose to be! What lame brained, dip sticked, idiot puts a photo in a book showing how to stow a jack, but does it in reverse as to how it actually fits in the car??? How hard is it to actually create a manual that simple minded folk can use and not waste 2 fricken hours trying to stow something according to how it's shown in the book? One almost needs to be a rocket scientist to figure it out and 10 to 1 a rocket scientist wouldn't be able to figure it out either.

Frankly, my next vehicle is going to be a truck. At least with a truck I wont have to worry about "stowing" anything all nice and dainty in a trunk. I'll just TOSS the jack in the back and drive on and not worry about what the blooming, fricken manual says.

Now I admit, I have little patience for anything mechanical. I don't have too many problems with little engines like chain saws, motorcycle, lawn mowers...things of that nature, because if it doesn't start after me fiddling with it, I just kick the darn thing and it usually starts. But when it comes to a car...not a truck...a car, my patience goes right out the window, especially when you're just trying to change a blooming tire.

Okay, so I am ending my rant and going to have some tea. Hopefully some day I can find me a CUCV M1008 which is a military pickup truck that is tough enough to handle a jack being tossed in the back. More on this truck this weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?...well I ain't Mary, but the garden is growing fine LOL!!! The rhubarb is growing splendidly and from just three (3) plants, it's not too shabby. So far everything is growing just fine. Beans, beets, carrots, tomatoes, peas, strawberries, black berries, raspberries, cucumbers, and zucchini. The rabbits are in seventh heaven too as it's an unlimited food supply for the pesky little critters who live in the planted Christmas trees in the foreground.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Links Upon Links

Since I finally figured out how to post links, I can share some of the thousand morbid of sites that I visit regularly. Having a huge interest in homesteading, off-grid living, hobby farms, survival and outdoor actives, I feel many of you who visit this site can gain great benefit from these various links and use for your own reading and/or buying enjoyment.

Today however, I am just going to start off on the home front. Links to stores, informative resources, seeds, recipes, animal guides...anything that is encountered on the home front. Since the weekend is shot by rain once again, and since that will limit my active time outside, I'll be on-line working on this here blog a tad :).

Hope everyone had a great week and is safe from the storms in the south.

Heirloom Seeds and storage life of seeds:














On the Homestead (great depression recipes, how to can, ag building & equip list, old fashioned mercantile)






Farm (draft horse, mule, oxen power, building plans for beef, poultry, etc.)



Food and Storage:


Off-grid (store for self reliance, blog, solar, wind power products):






Animal tracks, bird watching



Misc (Native American Recipes):


Links (survival and self reliance, weather lore)



Monday, May 11, 2009

PDF Manual find

While scoping out the net a few nights ago, I ran across a Canadian site that has a few handy manuals. Most are a good, informative read and many may take to a few of them. Of interest to me is the Preserving Game Meat and Native American Health Recipes. Everyone could also enjoy a good read on Life of Daniel Boone and Complete Outdoorsman's Handbook.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Updated food plot

Finally I am getting the ground tilled and ready for planting. Seeing that I have clay soil to work with, when it rains, it's mud for a very long time. Yesterday I managed to get the ground tilled and though it's suppose to rain this week, I am hoping and crossing fingers that I can get the plot planted next week.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoughts of Alternative Methods of Power

For this week I have been letting my mind and thoughts escape to one day adding my own power and not relying on outside help from public service. There are a number of different sources available, but knowing what to go with wont be for a good while as I'm a researcher and will research and research until I cannot no more.

Sources available to a homeowner include solar and wind. Both are expensive in their own right but nothing is cheap anymore so I guess expense will always be of an issue. I have yet to weigh the options of pros and cons for each, but am thinking that living in the country, wind would be best, especially if cloudy days prohibit charging of the solar panels. The cheapest windmill I can find costs roughly $3950 and stands 19 feet high. The thing though with a windmill is that I don't want one of those high tech aerodynamic doo higgies that look like a plane engine. I want the rustic type that doesn't stick out like a neon sign in the woods. White against green would stick out as there are lots of fir trees here. However, the old wood and metal deals we often see in movies and pictures are of more interest and blend in fairly well.

The other issue that I like with the older types is that many thieves are attracted to flair and since my folks have had 2 attempted break ins on their property in less than 2 weeks time, well...I just don't want that kind of trouble on my turf and so want to keep the homestead and acreage as low key as possible.

One thing that both a windmill and/or solar can do, is provide water and electricity. However, I am thinking I will have to go with both because having all solar panels is pretty unattractive and sticks out like "oh there is someone who has cash" and that is just what I don't want to advertise to thieves. I also don't want to add to the already 4 solar panels planned for future installation. Now I'm just starting my research on solar power so this line of thinking will probably change in the coming years and if I find a special someone to share life with, I'm sure my thoughts and her thoughts will be quite different.

So, if anyone has suggestions or ideas on one or the other, don't be afraid to comment. I need ideas so my thoughts can move on to other things :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stormy Weekend

Well the rough weekend is over. Friday the 24th storms came through the area. Not much damage other than lots of trees down. One tree hit my parents pole barn and snapped in half, damaging part of the metal roof, but nothing a few hours with a pliers wont fix. In all my folks have about 17 trees that are snapped off or uprooted. Unfortunately though, we got so much rain that no one can take to the woods to cut up those downed trees.

Since living in the country, there has only been one time that tornadic winds did some major damage and that was about 11 years ago. All in all it was a nice storm system...if you like storms like me :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Trouble finds me always

Today I received in the mail notification from the Ohio Dept of Public Utilities Commission. What this is, was a notification that I owed $100 on some inspection fee, a fee that I never seen before let alone heard of since I have never traveled into the realm of Ohio. The name on the envelope reads Daniel B. Smith. I am Daniel L. Smith and from what I could find out, if an Inspection number is off by just one number, the wrong person is summoned. What is scary is that no one has my address, so how in the world did they get that?

Anyways, come Monday I have to make a copy of my drivers license and submit that to prove that Daniel B. does not live in Daniel L. house...talk about a load of B.S. Sometimes I wonder if the gov't is just out to prove you exist by dishing out faulty hoopla with a state logo.

Trouble finds me always, whether I am in bed, working in the yard, mowing my parents lawn, or sitting at the computer playing hearts. So when someone says "stay out of trouble", all I can say is "Yeah right!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Civil War chairs

These two chairs hold a great deal of pride in my family. Both are from the era of the American Civil War, both are still in prestige condition and never had any repairs. Everything is original down to the wood stain. One is a rocker, very comfy and the other a recliner, also comfy. I remember as a child going to sleep in my grandmothers arms while she rocked me in this very rocker. My grandfather use to smoke his cigars in the recliner, but to amazement, the recliner doesn't hold the smell of cigars at all, nor of the musty antique smell often found with original fabric.

I love furniture made of wood and cloth and the more it shows of both, the more pleased I am in appearances. Both of these will be included in my log home...someday and hopefully I can round up more furniture in the style of the "olden days". Until then, both will sit downstairs in my parents house for safe keeping.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food Plot Prep

Well I finally got photos of my food plot. Mind you the working stages do take a bit of time to get the ground broke up, especially when it was frozen! Going with the old stand by of doing work by hand tools only, the photos show what 3 hours will do. My tools are merely that of a hand cultivator that my grandfather used, an iron rake, a leaf rake, grub axe for taking out the ant hills and a little gizmo called "The Klaw" which is a fork that you just twist to bring out clumps of sod.

I started this project on Thursday (4/2/09) and still have a whole other half to do, but is temporarily covered by snow. I figure by the second week of May, I'll have the ground prepared and seeded with Chicory and Birdsfoot Trefoil. Both great for deer, turkey and other wildlife.

This week I will be purchasing the seed and the fertilizer ahead of time so I'll be completely ready for the planting and it will save me a trip to town. Plus then I can put all my effort into completing the seed bed without worry about the items I need.

Of course if someone wishes to suggest ideas into my little project, by all means go for it. This is the first time I've ever done a project like this and so am doing it all on a wing and a prayer.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Food plot and warm weather

Finally, it's the end of the week. Friday! However, my work is just beginning. I've spent the last two days working on a food plot for the wildlife here. Doing it all by hand and none of it by machine. Though it's a small plot of 1,375 sq ft., when using hand tools to break earth, it can become a very big job. I'll be taking photos come Sunday when I have it all done and get it posted. Then Monday I'll be buying birdsfoot trefoil which is a legume that grows for a good 10 years and that of Chicory, a herb that aids in protein and minerals for the deer and turkey. Planting will be half and half since I still have snow in the plot, thus have to work around the frozen turf the best I can.

I got some eggs from a good friend who lives in back of me and who I met on a homesteading forum. I never knew she lived so close, but she has a nice little layout on her farm. It's always amazing how small this world truly is and here I thought I lived in a dead area of wasteland.

The weather is also turning nicer and that means warmer temps...so cannot wait. I'm dreadfully tired of the white crap that lingers past the time of where it's 'suppose' to be melted. Eh, just means for a later planting season. Anyone who wants the snow to remain needs to be nailed with a snowball...I'll give them a "reason" to wish for warm weather ROFL. Hopefully though the rains of spring will hold off until I get some of that trefoil planted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

House Plans

Okay, I know I have been slacking some, but only because I broke a tooth last week and been suffering with it since. Yes, I have seen the dentist and work starts Monday morning (3/30/09) to repair and then cap it. I'm not one who cares for dentists...okay, I have an utter detest for them...happy now? LOL

Back on topic...these blueprints are of a house that I wish to build "someday" when I have the land to do so. The house is generally small. First floor is 840 sq ft and the loft is roughly 168 sq ft. The layout is based on one person, since I am single, but I can easily fit 4-6 people with the addition of the loft bedroom and empty loft above the living room. I'm not one for cathedral ceilings as I believe in being simple, and conservative and frankly, how does one clean a cathedral ceiling? I've taken great pains to study the designs of homes based on those found in the 1800's and this is as close as I can get with a custom design.

What is interesting about the design, is that it's very open. The living room is open to the dining room which is open to the kitchen. The loft sitting room rails are low enough to look over the dining room and kitchen area and the ceiling, though not pictured here, has skylights and solar panels...thus I would be off-grid.

The Master Bdrm is large with a sitting window and a door that opens to the 4 seasoned porch in the back, walk in closet is under the stairs, but a bigger one can be fashioned next to the wall of the pantry.

The bathroom would have a nice tub for soaking, but one could use a shower if they wanted. Plus I have designed it in the corner so that I can situate two windows for natural lighting. The toilet would be a composting design, thus hopefully eliminating the need for a septic system that requires emptying every so often. My parents get their tank pumped once every 3 months, but they suffer from leakage and will need it fixed, costing a fortune which they may never have. I could also add another sink IF I had a significant other and yes, have made room for that in the plans.

In the Dining area you will see "Window S" next to the fireplace...this is a window seat as well, but is bumped out a bit so that one has storage under the seat and can talk to the cook (whoever that may be) while not getting in their way. Next to that window would be the wood cook stove and a window between the stove and counter top...I love natural light and the more I can get of it, the happier I am.

The kitchen which is small, is pretty cool. Not only would it have the cook stove, but also a hand water pump on the side of the sink to accompany the modern faucet. This could be used to wash veggies or serve as a backup in case something goes amiss with the faucet. The sink itself would be a thick porcelain farm sink. The window by the sink would be bumped out so one could grow some plants and then to the right of the sink would be the refrigerator. Extra cupboard space would come in front of the walk in pantry.

One thing my house wouldn't have is carpet...carpet is a dust collector and can lead to unwanted allergies and sometimes mold. Plus, one has to replace it after a while, leading to extra expenses. The flooring would mostly be wood, but in the kitchen and bathroom the floor would be cork. Cork does not hold odors, does not mildew, does not rot and it soaks in water and dries so no damage underneath is done and it's cheap. As one can imagine, I love wood and so most furniture would be wood and cloth, but not leather or vinyl. In the coming weeks I will be posting photos of two Civil War era chairs. One is a rocker the other is a recliner. These two items will be given to me when the parents pass on, and so, I hope to furnish my house with old decor that fits the era of these two chairs.

I know that if this house was built, would probably leave me with a little larger house and that is fine, as long as it's under 1100 sq ft. I just dislike huge houses that take up more space than required, plus I don't like raping the land of what I don't need. So enjoy the plans and if you want a copy, then by all means let me know and I'll send you them.

Wildlife is returning

Finally I am able to upload some photos and get this blog a moving. Couple weeks ago I took a few snaps of a Pileated woodpecker, the largest woodpecker in North America, though the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, which is still on the extinct list, is truly considered the largest. This particular bird was hammering away on an old elm outside my computer/office window and has left 4 large holes with some 20 tiny "bullet" holes elsewhere.

Pileated's can grow up to 16 inches long, though there have been a few coming in at 19 inches with up to 30 inch wing span.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog

It brings me great joy that you stopped here today and decided to see what it's like to live in the days of an era long gone. I have often been an outcast by a number of groups and people due to my thoughts and beliefs that have now been replaced by the speedy and faster times of the modern age. It seems that everyone wants things done quickly and much of civilization has taken their so called privileges for granted...i.e. electricity for instance. Of course we all need to be one with modernization, but the less I have of it in my life, the easier my life is to live and the less headaches I have to deal with.

But why on God's green earth would I want to live without all these high tech fandagled doohickeys? Simple! Life at one time, was much easier and in turn made people more reliant on themselves. They were far more educated, more smart, more rugged and stood up for their beliefs. The greed that has plagued the world today is an utter disgrace and everyone is trying to get rich somehow, but true happiness doesn't come in riches of wealth, it's in of family, of traditions, of living more simple. That is what the old fashioned times of the early 1900's and before based their beliefs on and this is how I live.

So this blog will be a morbid of information based on those very traditions. What you will find here is information and ideas on gardening, hobbies, self reliance, relationships, and news. What you wont find here is political hoopla or survivalism heck bent on taking over the gov't. Of course some of my beliefs will always be argued and that is to be expected as everyone has their own views and I welcome those views, but please understand that I am trying to represent a life that no longer exists in this day and age.