Monday, September 7, 2009

Update on my father

As some of my friends have learned, August was a time of testing. My father was diagnosed with kidney cancer and ended up in the hospital in the last part of the month. The ER (emergency room) doctors first discovered him to have congestive heart failure due to fluid collecting around his heart and lungs. During his admission for a good week, it was learned that dad had cancer. The cancerous tumor is about the size of a dime and it sits near the exit for the urine. This cancer then turns his urine into crystal in the urethra and so prevents excessive urine outflow. While he was in hospital, my family almost lost him. He is now how though, still recovering and since he is 78 years old, surgery wont work. Of course, you may be thinking he is young and he is, but he is not physically strong and more fragile than anything else. So his doctor has limited any surgery for a possible cure.

Come October 7th, father will have another ultra sound to see if the cancer has grown. Until then, he is unable to do anything really. He takes his medication, must be weighed twice a day, blood pressure taken twice a day and if his weight drops below 115lbs (he is 118 lbs at the moment and was 121 lbs when he went to hospital), he is back to hospital and possibly admittance.

Many of my friends ask how he is doing. Well, he is not really getting better, but he isn't getting worse either. The family fully knows that he may possibly die from this, but it's not a supper time discussion. We take one day at a time and leave it at that. What becomes of a good day, means he will have a bad day, but what is most important, is that he isn't in any pain.

I'll continue to keep you all posted if there is any change and I thank you deeply for your concerns and thoughts.

The not so political/govt views of a simpleton

It's not often that I bring up the word “politics.” It is the most dreaded word that I hate the most to use. However, for this entry, I'll be talking about this terrible subject. Why? Why would a simpleton, a recluse, want to discuss anything criminally motivated by politicians who, in all reality, are nothing more than criminals in suits? Well, I feel what I need to say needs to be said so all who read my blog know who they are dealing with.

Of course, everyone has their own view points, their own understanding of things so I am by no means stating that my views are written in stone. I am merely writing down what I see and have seen in the past.

I am a man who believes in the original Constitution of the United States. The very original document created on September 17, 1787 and ratified June 21, 1788. Since then, these criminals in suits have altered this document to fit their own needs and it is this new document that I do not uphold at any time. With all the new laws being made, with all the new amendments, the creation of b.s., that only helps those in office, is just amazing that the oncoming war isn't here yet. It is because of these criminals that I will never vote for anyone. Why? In my eyes, if you exercise your vote to support a criminal, you yourself are just as much a criminal. Thus, no different than those in office. But, there is a catch-22 here because many people don't know the original document. They go through life believing what the govt tells them, because after all, the govt is suppose to help and protect the citizens of this country. Time and time again however, it has been proven that the govt doesn't care about the souls of this country. What the govt cares about is power and nothing more.

Power comes in many forms, though most of it comes through spreading fear. The govt has spread this fear throughout the world really. Torturing POW's, building a war based on oil while feeding the civilians lies, even the world trade tower was part of the governments so? The American people were told that airliners fuel burned so hot that the steel buckled. However, airline fuel burns at 900 degrees Fahrenheit and steel buckles at 2,850 degrees Fahrenheit...see the issue? Plus, bombs were definitely used on those planes, as there is a timed interval between the impact of the plane and the explosion that followed.

As to the war in's not about terrorism, but about oil. The U.S., is only over there to keep the Iraqi's from having the oil that Israel wants. But the govt rebukes this theory because the govt is always right and the American people are always wrong. There was a time where this govt listened to the people, heeded the people and understood the people. That no longer exists. Look at Katrina...look at what the govt did to the American people there. They didn't act before the storm, and they still are not acting after the storm 4 years later. Trailers that were given to house those left homeless were laced with formaldehyde...formaldehyde is not a cleaner, but yet the walls were scrubbed down and made people sick. If the politicians and govt truly cared about the people, they would take care of their own first. Look at the men and women spilling their blood so I can be free. But look at what the govt is doing to our servicemen and women...nothing. Troops have poor medical care, have limited finance and are dropping off the face of the earth via suicide because the govt wont listen or help. The govt wont take care of you if something happens.

In Afghanistan, that is the war on terrorism and we should have been there first and foremost. The stupidity of the govt let bin laden slip away as usual so he can fight another day. But, American politicians do have a hand in with laden and so nothing will come of him because without bin laden, there is no power and we all know that power is the root to all evil as our govt tells those who see beyond the veil of b.s.

As to the torture, it is rather interesting. I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio a week ago and there was a Colonel of the Army talking trash saying that the Military doesn't use torture. I find it funny because here is a man of decent rank who insists his beloved country has never changed its tactics. He went on to say that water boarding isn't torture. I wonder though, how he would feel about it if he had it done to him. Would he call it torture then? He also went on to say that if someone dies from this treatment, it is not murder. Water boarding has been stated in the past as being torture throughout war in many countries, not just with the United States, but yet this beloved country doesn't torture. If this wasn't torture, then why was water boarding mentioned in the first place?

Can you rely on the govt? No! I rely on no one because frankly no one will help you. If a tornado goes through my neighborhood, it will be neighbors helping neighbors and the govt will turn a blind eye because they don't care about their own people. It is a proven fact shown countless of times amid storms, fires. We give international support to other countries who need help, but yet, we (the govt) wont take care of their own people first. In the govt eyes, they want to be involved in everything. From the taking of firearms to health care, to education and more and more of the U.S., is becoming a police (govt controlled) enforced country that the American people have no control over.

All too often I have seen reports on the net, in newspapers, on radios where people are so scared to solve their own jibberish problems, they call the police, the babysitters, to solve the problems for them. People are going to jail over food fights, to domestic disturbances that can be solved by 2 people sitting down and talking using common sense. But it is so much easier to just let the police sort it out. With the power of the govt, comes the fear induced upon the people...a fear that prevents people from being their own person. One cannot even spit without going to jail or getting a ticket and each state has now (with the kindness of the govt) a state database that tracks a person to death. One can see speeding tickets, traffic warnings, to full felonies...but what I find stupidly funny is that the pedophiles are out running rampant while those who shouldn't be in jail are locked up awaiting bull shit charges that shouldn't have been a cause for jail in the first place. And people wonder why I detest society?

I could go on and on and on with all this, but I think the reader can get a sense of my thoughts and ideas on this particular subject. Again, my view points are not written in stone, but are viewed from a high degree of education, awareness and common sense. I am totally anti-stupid and unfortunately, the govt wants you to be stupid so it can control you even more. Am I however one of these freedom fighters? No. Am I one of these survivalists? No. I am anti-govt and a preparer who believes in fighting for what is right for the people and that my friends is the right that made men free in the first place. Standing up for your beliefs. Perhaps I am just an old timer who believes in a way that no longer exists. But I am one who truly believes in something that should always exist...true freedom, not governmental controlled freedom through fear and lies. I will fight when the fight comes my way, but I wont go out looking for it because then, I will have lost the fight from the start.

Wood for the winter...sort of

Well it is that time again. The snow is going to be falling in a few months and that means firewood season has begun. This holiday weekend I spent Friday - Sunday making kindling. As you can see in the photos, I have almost the whole bin done. Hopefully tomorrow (Tuesday 8th) I'll have the bin done so I can start on splitting and hauling in the firewood. The kindling hamper is 8 feet long by 2'1" high by 2' wide. As to the wood room, it can hold up to 8 cords if tightly packed and that means most of the wood is between the rafters of the floor above. So that insulation that you see is not visible at all when the wood is there.

It's been some time

since I was last here. So much has been happening with the folks that I had to take a leave of absence and concentrate on them. I'll update this with a separate post since it's a lot of content in itself. However, I have some new entries that I'll be posting here shortly and over the coarse of this week. Unfortunately, many will feel the data is one sided, perhaps even radical, but I assure you that my views are just that, views and nothing more.