Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look out, rant...Damn Game Wardens

Look out, I'm on the warpath again. This time its with morons who hide behind a badge and proclaim to be helping the state wildlife.

This weekend was the start of the Wisconsin Gun Deer season. Saturday started off nicely, until around 8:30am, one could hear a good dozen hound dogs sounding off. Here some stupid a** hunter decided to hunt with hounds, than actually do the work of walking through and finding a nice spot to sit and wait for deer to come to him. "great", I thought as the day was going to turn into a sheer nightmare. Having had problems with trespassers last year, I figured things would really get out of hand. But, surprisingly the day went well with no gun shots.

Sunday, today, my neighbor comes to me saying he just got a huge fine from a Game Warden because he had antlers from a buck he and I found Saturday afternoon, hanging from his deer stand. Apparently he was suppose to tag the antlers, even though he never traditionally killed the buck. WTF? Since when must you tag antlers off a buck that is found dead, even though you never shot it? Does this mean that I, as a land owner, cannot take antlers off a dead buck which I have found because it violates some stupid hidden law that should be made aware to the public through the regulations in the first place? Good grief, where was this knucklehead yesterday when the hounds were running rampant? Probably sipping on some coffee "pretending" to actually work.

What is surprising about all this is that there has never been any DNR official on my land in 21 years and he just now shows up! I don't have a problem with a LE doing his job, but come on, $327 fine for untagged antlers is bogus big time and people wonder why I cannot stand the midwest.

The times are to a point where a mans land means nothing, isn't respected at all and is taken advantage of to fill the states pockets. I do have no trespassing signs out for a reason and I understand DNR officals have the right to come onto the land, but geez, respect the mans land and let him do what he wants on it without fining people. What is the sense of having land if the landowner isn't allowed to collect antlers (by the way, my friend is a true friend who had permission to hunt on my acreage), or do what he wants with it, without having to violate some stupid ass, bogus crapped law that isn't even in the regulations? I am a homesteader. I believe that what is mine is mine and people should leave it the hell official or not!

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