Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Vs. Tradtional Christmas

I know I haven't been here lately and my updating truly sucks. However, with all of life, it tends to toss a few things your way that turn into time consuming projects that make on-line time limited. Hopefully with the coming new year these life buggers will leave me alone so I can keep you all updated on homesteading.

Now then, it is that time of year again when the kiddies get all excited and people flock to the stores to BUY presents that supposedly are from the heart. Long ago Christmas was celebrated by families getting together and giving one present each. These presents were something that a person needed, not wanted. It was given from children, from parents, from wives and husbands, sisters and brothers. Each person gave one item, if that. If they didn't have the money to buy, they made it.

Now a days people flock to stores, fight over items, argue all because they don't want to let down a child or family member. It disgusts me that society, the very core of what it preaches on good morals and family upbringing and righteousness, brainwash people into buying, into fighting over things they just don't need, but what people want.

Do I get into Christmas? Not in the way society wants you to. I celebrate it alone for the most part, with my family and don't flock to stores at the last minute. Frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead in stores during this time. When I shop, it's during the summer and what I buy is what people need, not want. I don't buy anything over the price of $30.00 and almost always buy on sale. Do I care if I disappoint someone during the holidays? Heck no. Why? The holidays are about giving, but it's also about love. If someone is disappointed, then there is no love...correct? Then its about selfishness and that by no mean is what Christmas is about.

All these kids who need their toys, their electronics just to fit in, have no idea of the true meaning of Christmas. All these adults who get tools and expensive gear never at any time say to themselves "gee, this must have cost a fortune, I cannot accept it." Why? Because they don't care, plain and simple. At Christmas time it's all about a person, not about anything from the heart, nor about love and this is why I am against Christmas due to what SOCIETY (I hate that word) teaches a person from child years to adult.

So, take this to mind when you buy something...is it something a person NEEDS or is it a WANT? If it's a need, then its a good buy and if you can't afford something, then make something as that item will be cherished more than if you buy something with a warranty.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

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  1. 100% agree! You are spot on with this post!