Thursday, November 5, 2009

Power : Solar or Wind?

I have often been asked what I want to use for power, solar or wind? Many people want to use solar, to harness the sun and reap all that it has to offer. However, most simple minded folks cannot afford solar panels and for some who are not mechanically inclined, that means paying someone to install and in turn this would mean that your privacy issue would go right out the window since someone outside your family, would know your location. Not a wise move.

My reasoning for not using solar comes down to a few issues. First, what happens if there is no sun? In the winter months of Wisconsin, the sky is dark and dreary. Rarely does the sun shine like it does in the winter. If you rely on solar power to feed your home, you'll be in the dark more than in light. Another issue is that plastering solar panels on your roof cast a shine when the sun and moon hit, giving away your home. The last thing I want is to advertise "here I am, come find me!" Another issue is that solar panels attract burglars because anyone who has panels, has cash and other goodies and so you and your house become a target. Again, not something I want. Then there is the case of what happens if one or more panels break from a storm? The price to repair these panels costs a fortune. Since I am not one to waste my cash, I'll stick to a cheaper method of power...wind.

Wind power is wonderful. If you think back to the 1800's and beyond, you will remember seeing or hearing of old windmills generating water. This same method can energize your home without affecting your location. It is also cheaper to build a windmill than it is to invest in solar panels and one windmill can do multiple things like generate power, and water. These devices also don't make you or your home a target as it mimics a farm and are easily repairable if storm damage occurs. Wind blows all the time in the country. From the lightest of gusts to long, drawn out wind blowing in across the fields. Wind also blows at night, therefore giving you 24/7 power. Connect the wind to a generator and you have the perfect setup for off-grid power. Of course you can also connect a solar panel for your hot water heater, but these types of panels don't draw attention, nor cost a heap of cash. AND windmills can be built by anyone and you don't have to call anyone to do it for you. Of course, digging a well and such is hard work, but that is what a homesteader and a little sweat goes a long way in comfort when a project is done.

So, I hope I have covered all the bases as to why I dislike solar power and why wind power is the way to go.

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