Monday, October 12, 2009

Stocked for winter

Awhile back I took some photos of the wood bin when it was empty. As you can tell in the updated photos, I am stocked big time for the coming cold temps and white stuff that will bombard this area non-stop until after Christmas. Then in January will be the coldest time of the winter season and this follows the snow month in March. The wood bin, now full, will have to be replenished at least one more time before January, but it depends on how the weather is. If it's a warm winter, I will burn less, and if it's cold...yeah I will be like a steam engine chugging out smoke like mad. The thing is, each year the weather is different. Each year is a guessing game and so this makes it difficult to even say for sure how many times I'll be heading to the woodpiles for more fuel.

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