Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn peak is here

It is that time of year, when the leaves come out and leave a mess on the ground. I couldn't believe how many leaves were on the ground yesterday 10/11/09. In some places it was ankle deep and it took almost a good 11 hours to clean up. As you can tell from the photos, there are a number of piles seen in the background. The parents do everything the hard way and as one can imagine, that means everything takes longer than initially planned. I tend to be more simple in my approach, where as they tend to be more complicated and you know they and I never see eye to eye on things due to our different dispositions. Anyways, you can tell by the photos how fast climate can change in just a days time. Yesterday it was beautiful, sunny and today it is completely yucky. Though yesterday was a major pain in the you know what, it was well worth it in preparation for the snow today. Where my parents are, they are in a group of trees that have brilliant yellow leaves which are almost all white oak with a little mixture of basswood, elm, and maple.

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